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Monday, 30 November 2009


Finally my task was finish. Thank a lot for You, Rabb. Yes, story board of english task. Just some hours I can finish it. With help of my bestfriend finally I can do that. Thanks my bestfriend. Now I'm preparing for the next task, make a journal!
I have some ideas for that. Browsing e-book from intenet I think that's enough to do until finish. Of course, I'll ask my bestfriend too. Hahahaha. By the way, this week there is no TP (Tugas Pendahuluan) of Web Programming Practice. It can help me not to think more about the story board.

Now, it's time to think about TB (Tugas Besar) of DBMS. Today, I'll do the proposal of DBMS with my teammates at campus, definetely. Hope it will be done quickly.

My next plan is to do journal. After from campus, I'll do the journal. I'll do the journal that I can do. For all my tasks of study, I'll do my best. InsyaAllah.

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