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Friday, 18 December 2009


Hi all....
Nice to meet you again. Now I'll sharing about my classmates. At December 03, 2009 we're going to Jonas Photo to make a photo of class. After have many problems with my someone, finally he allowed me to hangout with my friends. So, this is the sinopsis. At 12.30pm we're begin out journey, first we get on together at campus. We discussed about where we're going? We decided to go to Jonas Photo at Jl.Banda. After from Jonas Photo, suddenly one of my friend asked us, "How if we go to Punclut?" Yes, all of my friends were agree and of course me too. We were wasting our time like take pictures, eat some food, praying of course, at Puncrut until magrib. We go back after magrib and on the way the rain was fall. So nice I think. Hangout make us forget our assignments permanently. Hahaha.
These are some photos of us at Jonas and Puncrut. Enjoy all!

Photo of Class

At Punclut!

View Bandung from Punclut (no editing)

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