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Friday, 7 May 2010

well done UTS !

Today is the last day of mid test (UTS) and the lesson is Sisfolan. It's so grateful because I can do my best to answer the questions. InsyaAllah I can get the best grade for all the lessons such as Sistem Telekomunikasi, Jaringan Komputer, XML and Web Service, Bahasa Indonesia, e-Commerce, Sistem Informasi Lanjutan, and also Inovasi dan Kewirausahaan. Inov has not UTS but we must go field to sell some products. We all work by group consist of 9-10 students. Once again, I hope InsyaAllah we can get some experiences by doing that. For about 7 weeks starts from next week, we shall fight all the lessons without no except.
I give you logo of Politeknik Telkom.

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