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Monday, 2 September 2013

Little promise that never been released

Astaghfirullah gue lupa kalau punya janji mau nulis postingan tentang bukber anak yatim bulan puasa kemarin.
Maaf lahir batin yaa.. Maaf banget lupaa..
Oke sedikit tentang bukbernya, jadi kita bukber bareng anak yatim Panti Asuhan Al-Fitroh. It was going so great, we had many sweet moments with sisters and brothers there. Yes I called them my sisters and brothers. We are all Allah’s khalifah in the world. After that, we had “bakso” to complimented our dinner (read: breakfasting) at Bojongsoang. Arrived kostan, Guessed, WE NEVER FORGOT TO ACTED IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA. Keep Smileee!
*P.S: Now the promise released

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